Pork prices have continued to help the FAO's meat price index rise in 2017

Global meat prices grow despite overall food decline

State of the Industry: Global Meat 2017 provides exclusive data on trading trends

Drive to cut meat eating had biggest impact last year

The report's recommendations were described as 'vital' to strengthen Australian exports

Targets set to enhance Australia’s animal export trade

Brazil's pork production is expected to rise this year too

Brazil meat scandal: limited damage to pork

Beef prices will fall in 2017 - but will consumers see the benefit?

Global beef prices tipped to drop this year

The meat innovation hub will lead to new jobs across the industry

Irish government's meat innovation base to create jobs

Watch: Brazil meat scandal

Demand for pork and beef is Asia prevented meat prices from slipping into decline

Meat defies decline of global food prices

Mexico is seeking new trade amigos, as uncertainty over NAFTA prevails

Mexico preparing export push if NAFTA fails

Russia wants to help its poorer neighbors in Asia tackle antimicrobial resistance

Russia joins United Nations team to fight antibiotic use in Asia

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