South Africa hit with bird flu outbreak

South Africa has warned its exported could be affected by the bird flu outbreak

South Africa has been hit with its first case of the highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) strain H5N8 strain, which devastated Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Pilgrim's Pride said it 'will not tolerate animal abuse' on any of its contract farms

Pilgrim's Pride ends farmer contract after animal cruelty claim

Team USA hope to bring something 'new and exciting' to the butchery competition

US hails 'strong team' for World Butchers' Challenge

BHSL plans to complete further takeovers moving forwards

BHSL wastes no time with Hydro acquisition

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Industry & Markets

The investment will create 30 new jobs and safeguard an existing 300

Australian abattoir expansion creates 30 jobs

The UFU wants more action from the European Commission on Brazilian meat

European Commission urged to do more against Brazilian beef

Minerva is to redirect beef originally earmarked for the US to Uruguay

Brazilian beef ban will not spoil Minerva’s trade

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Many chickens around the world are developing harder breasts

Tough chicken meat ‘a big issue’ for industry

Newly Weds Foods said the 'root cause' of the problem had been found

Cross-contamination a cause of huge US meat recall

The Presto D3 may increase efficiency and uptime, according to Bosch

German company unveils ‘enhanced’ automation technology

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Safety & Legislation

Many countries had initially banned imports of Brazilian beef, only to reinstate trade

US suspends imports of Brazilian beef

US beef producers want COOL reintroduced to protect domestic ranchers

USDA sued by meat industry over country of origin labelling

Meat giant Tyson Foods wants to be a more sustainable food business

Tyson Foods introduces animal welfare measures

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Handtmann said the new site will improve ties with supply chain partners

Handtmann opens €7m customer service centre

German pork giant Tönnies is eyeing a number of plots of land in Vojvodina

Germany’s Tönnies eyes land for Serbian pig farms

Pork CRC-supported Ryan Chen graduated with a PHD from Flinders University

Algae may help reduce emissions on pig farms

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A 2015 study found evidence of modern-day slavery in Brazil's agriculture sector

Self-regulation to fight Brazilian slavery called for

New biosecurity rules have been crafted to safeguard profitability

Australian cattlemen face up to new disease rules

Bali dog meat trade exposed

Graphic content warning: Bali’s dog meat trade

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Channel Fish Processing said it would stick with its supplier, despite the recall

Fish firm caught up in huge US recall

Food inflation has continued to rise across Canada

Meat prices in Canada expected to rise 9%

Whole Foods Market has over 460 stories across the US, Canada and the UK

Amazon's Whole Foods deal highlights appeal of physical stores

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Poultry processor Sága Foods aims to increase exports of chicken products

Hungarian meat firm to invest in packaging, processing

Tyson Foods claims to be one of the biggest US meat processors

Senior appointment at Tyson Foods

Turkey producer Eurodon may be taken over by Vnesheconombank

Russian bank eyes takeover of turkey producer Eurodon

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Dry-aged meat is becoming something of a specialty for Japanese diners

Japanese get a taste for dry-aged meat

A soft Brexit may be a better deal for EU and UK meat industry players

Hard Brexit breakdown ‘opportunity’ for meat trade

A barrel of crude oil costs around $47 today, but in March 2016 WTI crude oil cost $37

New Zealand meat farmers hit by high oil prices

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Popular News

Bali dog meat trade exposed

Graphic content warning: Bali’s dog meat trade

Dog meat was allegedly sold to tourists who had no idea what they were eating

Tourists tricked into eating dog meat in Bali

Many chickens around the world are developing harder breasts

Tough chicken meat ‘a big issue’ for industry



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