Serbian meat producer launches exports to China

Serbian processor IM Djurdjevic has agreed an export deal with China

Serbian meat processor IM Djurdjevic has signed its first deal to export 3,000 lambs to China, with eight more Serbian meat players finalising talks to launch beef exports the country. 

Hormel Food Corporation has acquired Fontanini for $425 million.

Hormel Foods buys Fontanini for $425m

South Korea has lifted the ban on US poultry imports

South Korea lifts US poultry ban

Corbion has developed a way to prevent mould on meat snacks

Corbion develops new meat snacks mould inhibitor

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Industry & Markets

Another case of avian influenza has been confirmed in South Africa

South Africa hit with fifth bird flu outbreak

The Comeragh Mountain Lamb belongs to the Scotch Blackface breed

Comeragh Mountain Lamb seeks protected status

Investment at the Tyson Foods plant will cover logistical upgrades

Tyson Foods’ investment creates 300 jobs at Tennessee plant

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Giant Food is the latest company to start marketing 'No Antibiotic Ever' meat

US firm introduces antibiotic-free pork range

Brazilian chicken exports increased for the first month of 2017 in July

Brazilian chicken sales start to recover

Henryk Kania claim to be working on new and exciting meat products

Mini kabanoski in a cup hits Polish grocery shelves for the first time

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Safety & Legislation

State support for Belarusian meat industry amounts to 1.6% of the country's GDP

Belarus plots reforms to expensive meat subsidies

Tests have found no positive traces of fipronil in Belgian meat

No Belgian chicken meat has tested positive for banned insecticide

CCTV is set to become commonplace in all UK slaughterhouses

CCTV to be mandatory in English slaughterhouses

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New Zealand's beef and lamb farmers want to minimise their impact on fresh water

Government plan to clean waters will ‘help’ Kiwi farmers

Tyson Foods rebuffed claims it is 'driving massive manure and fertiliser pollution'

Tyson Foods condemns ‘misleading characterisation’

Impossible Foods recently reached milestones on food safety and intellectual property

Impossible? A plant-based burger just won $75m

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Left to right: Richard Fuller and Duncan Pullar, Stabiliser Cattle Company; Aline Barrois, Stéphane Peultier, Laurent Rouyer and Philippe Sibille of Bovinext

French cattle to learn from UK breed

China's bird flu struggles have hit local chicken prices, which could dent return on investment

Booming Asian mega farms are an ‘economic risk’

A $3 million investment is being made in sheep health in Australia

Australia rolls out sheep health monitoring programme

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The social media storm revealed a lack of understanding toward the Muslim faith

Social media war erupts over Chinese halal delivery service

US consumers 'strongly support' COOL labelling, according to the report

US consumers favour country-of-origin labelling

MLA claim Australia produces the 'greatest beef in the world'

New Australian beef marketing campaign launched

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US Vice President Mike Pence called the deal a 'big win'. Picture courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Argentina opens borders to US pork

Smithfield claims to be the world's largest producer of pork-based products

Smithfield Foods buys Kansas City Sausage Company

JBS has reported an 80% year-on-year drop in net income

JBS net income drops in second quarter

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Asian demand for further processed poultry will lift demand for better equipment

Demand for quick meat to fuel poultry processing machinery growth

Canada has faced questions from US auditors over carcass inspection protocol

US audit questions Canadian meat inspection

One in 28 pork sausage samples contained horsemeat, the CFIA-funded study found

Unlabelled meat found in one in five sausages

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Popular News

Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick wants help from meat processors to ramp up production

Lab-grown meat firm in talks to license tech

JBS has reported an 80% year-on-year drop in net income

JBS net income drops in second quarter

Chinese demand for imported British food is creating more jobs and opportunities

UK and China sign £200m pork export deal



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