Smithfield Foods did not disclose the value of its triple takeover

Smithfield acquires three Polish meat companies

It it was of the biggest leniency fines ever made in Brazil, local media claim

JBS shareholder to pay huge $3bn corruption fine

India has a huge cow herd, despite 80% of the population not eating beef

‘High-tech’ Indian slaughterhouse officially opened

Hormel Foods' Jennie-O Turkey Store wing saw a poor second quarter

Hormel Foods hit by turkey profit drop

Tillamook Country Smoker has been making meat snacks for 42 years

Tillamook Country Smoker bought by investment firm

New Zealand's government will also review food safety standards for imports

New Zealand Budget 2017: more cash for biosecurity

Hilton Food Group's Australian market generated double-digit sales growth

Australian growth drives positive Hilton trading

Greencore CEO Patrick Coveney said its US takeover 'transformed our market'

Greencore grows revenue during 'transformational period'

Coexca CEO Guillermo González, left, said the deal is an 'exciting' next step

Coexca to create 350 jobs after Danish investment

USMEF is keen to strengthen US red meat sales in regional Japanese markets

Japan's supermarkets targeted in US marketing push

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