Kerry Group's Fire & Smoke meat brand performed well in the UK

Healthy snacks drive Kerry Group's volume sales

Metro’s retail sales in China have grown at an average of 10% a year in the past decade

China pork retailer nears deal with Metro

China's e-commerce boom will be ignited by a rise in smartphone savvy shoppers

China braced for boom in online food sales

Bucharest is one of the towns SuperStar Com has opened stores in

Romanian meat business aims at retail expansion

Taiwan has become one of just a few Asian nations to ban the consumption of dog meat

Taiwan bans dog and cat meat consumption

Silvio Berlusconi's appearance in the 'Defend life - choose a vegetarian Easter' ad has angered many

Italian butchers blast Berlusconi over lamb video

Some butchers could struggle to meet new and improved hygiene standards

Meat sellers strike following crackdown in India

The investment will bolster CPF's ambitious growth plans outside of Asia

Thai firm in £60m takeover of UK food business

Kings Command Foods has recalled 28 tonnes of beef products, including meatballs

Over 100 US retailers believed to have recalled meatballs

US President Donald Trump will meet China's president Xi Jinping in April

Donald Trump and China: call to unlock beef market

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