Belarus plots reforms to expensive meat subsidies

State support for Belarusian meat industry amounts to 1.6% of the country's GDP

Belarus plans to reform its profligate state support scheme, backing its domestic meat industry, with the aim of making it more efficient and profitable, according to a spokesperson for the country’s President Alexander Lukashenko. 

A proposed ban on formaldehyde is still under discussion at EU level

Polish salmonella crisis might undercut EU formaldehyde ban

Asian demand for further processed poultry will lift demand for better equipment

Demand for quick meat to fuel poultry processing machinery growth

Former Czech PM Miloš Zeman refused to buy the farm more than 10 years ago

Czech government buys pig farm on Holocaust site

Millions of eggs have been recalled across Europe amid contamination fears

Dutch test chicken meat amid huge egg recall

Russia banned GMO-tainted feed imports from four European countries last year

Russian struggle against GMO feed hurts meat business

Marel said it saw 'great' long-term potential in Brazil's meat industry

Marel taps into Brazil with Sulmaq acquisition

It is unclear how African swine fever infected pigs in Romania for the first time

Pigs culled as African swine fever strikes Romania

Pink Mamma's fiorentina steak is the centerpiece item on the menu

Parisian steakhouse opens with promise to serve better value meat

Pork production is climbing up across Europe, despite a slowdown in exports

EU pig production increases but farmgate prices remain steady

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