Chinese livestock firm taps up Southeast Asia

China wants to bring big numbers of cattle from Buma to a new custom-built abattoir

A leading Chinese livestock and meat processing firm wants to tap supply of cattle from south-east Asia, with a cattle quarantine and slaughtering hub planned for the city of Ruili, on the border with Myanmar.

More than 200,000 avian animals will be culled in the Philippines

Asia: Bird flu outbreaks see 200,000 birds culled

Chinese demand for imported British food is creating more jobs and opportunities

UK and China sign £200m pork export deal

Asian demand for further processed poultry will lift demand for better equipment

Demand for quick meat to fuel poultry processing machinery growth

UK beef exports generate more than £350m every year for the British economy

UK and Philippines sign £34m beef trade deal

Exports are up, but cheap Brazilian beef puts Australia under pressure in China

Australian beef exports up for first time in two years

Brazilian chicken exports increased for the first month of 2017 in July

Brazilian chicken sales start to recover

Contract talks in 2014 and 2015 caused sever disruptions to US meat exports

Meat export crisis averted as dockworkers agree contract extension

President of Cargill Protein Latin America, Xavier Vargas, was key to Colombian takeover

Cargill profit boosted by rising meat demand

World Steak Challenge – video highlights

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