Handtmann opens €7m customer service centre

Handtmann said the new site will improve ties with supply chain partners

Meat product manufacturers can devise and test bespoke solutions to processing issues and train on the latest equipment at a €7m customer service centre just opened by Handtmann at its German headquarters.

Food inflation has continued to rise across Canada

Meat prices in Canada expected to rise 9%

Whole Foods Market has over 460 stories across the US, Canada and the UK

Amazon's Whole Foods deal highlights appeal of physical stores

The food safety rule is designed to help consumers feel at ease when buying meat

China rolls out meat safety rule

The UK could face complex tariff rate quotas on meat products after Brexit

Meat sector facing new trade tariffs post-Brexit

Precision wants to become a leader in the supply of food processing equipment

Precision Incorporated acquires equipment firm Meyer Industries

A soft Brexit may be a better deal for EU and UK meat industry players

Hard Brexit breakdown ‘opportunity’ for meat trade

Meat processors use antimicrobial to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms

‘Groundbreaking’ natural antimicrobial agents developed for meat

US President Donald Trump has been urged to put the interests of the beef industry first

American farmers back NAFTA rewrite to protect beef producers

The EU's new animal welfare body met for the first time earlier this week

New EU animal welfare body should promote high standards, says EC

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