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NAMI brings together food industry on topic of antibiotics

The aim of the Forum was to work toward combating the growing rise of superbugs

More than 150 major US food companies, retailers and health professionals have joined forces in an attempt to slow the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and prevent the spread of resistant infections over the next five years.

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) has brought together these different parties at the White House Forum on Antibiotics Stewardship in an attempt to combat the growing rise of virulent superbugs, which have developed a resistance to common antibiotics.

"The White House event is an important opportunity to bring together leaders from human and animal medicine to address one of the most complex challenges facing medical doctors and veterinarians," said NAMI president and CEO Barry Carpenter. "We hope it will foster a stronger understand of antibiotic resistance and help lead to meaningful steps to best ensure both human and animal health."

NAMI supports research into how antimicrobial resistance is developed and transmitted, and the elimination of multi drug-resistant pathogens from poultry and meat products.

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