The H7N9 bird flu strain has claimed the lives of over 500 people in China since 2013

China’s reopening of live bird markets questioned

India has banned the sale of unproductive livestock for slaughter

Cattle sale restrictions introduced by Indian government

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Russia limits poultry trade as bird flu spreads

Paul Fox is renowned as a turnaround expert in the industry

Top hog firm hires ex-Tyson Foods vice-president

Plans to improve animal welfare conditions are in the process, says the government

NZ: 1,000 animals unfit to travel slaughtered annually

The multi-species animal breeding firm is flocking to Russia's turkey market

Dutch poultry hatching firm plots move in Russia

MPI admits unfit animals do arrive at abattoirs, but recent figures could not be obtained

App launched to stop the transport of weak animals

Java, Indonesia, could be one place to set up a buffalo production hub

Indonesia urged to build cow hubs to hit self-sufficiency dream

The ICSA warn Tesco's price tactics could end up 'putting farmers out of business'

Lamb prices cause dissension between MII and sheep farmers

Wellard wants to drive a big expansion in China's cattle market

Wellard appoints new exec to charm China

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