The PLF-500 can save businesses up to $15,000 per year

Global Re-Fuel develops new poultry biomass furnace

It is unclear how African swine fever infected pigs in Romania for the first time

Pigs culled as African swine fever strikes Romania

The pig sector wants to assess how welfare can be improved at the point of slaughter

European pig sector to share intel on gas stunning

Americans are strongly opposed to eating the country's mustang horses

Majority of Americans don’t support horse slaughter

The infected cow does not pose a public health risk, USDA said

US BSE fears played down by industry

Robert Lighthizer said too many Americans had been 'hurt' by bad trade deals

Trump’s new NAFTA goals backed by beef body

The EU-Japan deal is expected to boost meat sales

Experts praise EU/Japan EPA

Russian meat producers remain upbeat despite the extended food embargo

Russian meat industry claims not to care about food embargo

The current mob-based visual tag system is deemed unfit for purpose

Electronic tags spark change in Australian sheep sector

A temporary ban on Belgian eggs and poultry has been imposed by Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia bans Belgian poultry meat

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