HKScan's Rauma poultry plant will save regional jobs in Finland

HKScan’s €80m plant ceremony diverts attention from profit gloom

The environmental impact of pig farming means producers face large tax bills

Chinese farms face new environment tax

Belching cows emit methane gas which punctures the planet's ozone layer

NFU vows to continue fight against methane emissions

Chicken in areas of Pakistan have been found to contain harmful levels of arsenic

Harmful levels of arsenic found in chicken

Smithfield is working to improve soil health and fertiliser efficiency

Smithfield makes greenhouse gas emissions pledge

Japan scrambles to limit impact of bird flu outbreak

Japan scrambles to limit impact of bird flu outbreak

Hurricane Matthew flooded and devastated poultry and hog farms in North Carolina

Perdue Farms responds to water pollution call

Hurricane Matthew caused 'widespread devastation' in North Carolina, Smithfield claim

Smithfield meat plants roar to life after ‘severe’ Hurricane Matthew

Duc said the energy consumption project will help 'protect the environment'

French poultry player Duc slashes energy consumption

Poultry experts want the sector needs to "minimise" the effects of climate change

Bangladesh poultry sector hit by climate change

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