Antibiotic residues were allegedly found in Russian chicken nuggets

Russia to toughen antibiotic stance following scandal

The undercover police claim to have found chicken stored next to mice and dead birds

Secret meat site busted by Spanish police

BATM's Eco-Med mobile unit is the first of its kind for the meat industry

Mobile agri-waste unit nets $1m extra for Israeli firm

The local meat slaughter bill does not have many industry supporters

US meat industry against PRIME Act introduction

Brazil President Michel Temer gave a defiant speech amid a growing corruption crisis

Brazil President Temer hits out at JBS chief

The EU had been expected to make a statement on its implementation plans this week

Europe accepts WTO chicken defeat with China

JBS executives, including Wesley Batista, were collectively fined $66m

JBS chiefs enter plea bargain amid bribery claims

Federal police believe the Agriculture Ministry received millions of Brazilian reals in bribes

Brazil police probe ‘corruption’ in agriculture ministry

Spain's Guardia Civil called the food fraud case a 'major' incident

Police crack Spanish meat swindle

An exact volume of meat implicated in the recall remains unclear

Canadian meat recall triggered over E.coli fears

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