The pig sector wants to assess how welfare can be improved at the point of slaughter

European pig sector to share intel on gas stunning

Sweeping changes to livestock production are often called for by animal activists

US pork council backs anti-state regulation act

The US and UK appear to be at loggerheads over chlorine-washed chicken

US defends chlorine-washed chicken amid backlash

The US does not expect to restore imports of Brazilian beef within 60 days

No timeline on restoring Brazilian beef imports

Phil Hogan said reformed policy would create a 'level playing field'

Brazil and EU team up to take on food security

One injury linked to consumption of the recalled hot dogs has been reported

Bone splinter find sparks 3,000 tonne recall of ‘beloved’ hot dogs

The infected cow does not pose a public health risk, USDA said

US BSE fears played down by industry

Perdue Farms has been praised for its animal welfare improvements

Perdue Farms’ welfare pledges welcomed

Europol and Guardia Civil have arrested 66 people suspected of involvement in the scam

Horsemeat trading ring dismantled by police

Meat & Livestock Australia is to invest $14m in Dexa technology

Meat & Livestock Australia invests in measurement systems

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