The Alliance Group's investment in its venison plant signals intent to support the sector

Alliance Group boosts venison plant investment

Two Russian factories have been approved to export beef to Japan

Significant Russian beef exports to Japan imminent

Rising demand for alternative proteins could hurt New Zealand meat producers

Alternative proteins a risk to New Zealand meat sector

Hampton Creek is entering the lab-grown meat sector

Hampton Creek enters the lab-grown meat market

Many chickens around the world are developing harder breasts

Tough chicken meat ‘a big issue’ for industry

Newly Weds Foods said the 'root cause' of the problem had been found

Cross-contamination a cause of huge US meat recall

The Presto D3 may increase efficiency and uptime, according to Bosch

German company unveils ‘enhanced’ automation technology

Meat processors use antimicrobial to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms

‘Groundbreaking’ natural antimicrobial agents developed for meat

Bacon is high in salt and health experts recommend cutting down on rashers

Israel firm ‘cracks the code’ on making meat salty and healthy

The antimicrobial will be used to treat egg-producing chickens in Malaysia

Animal health firm gets Malaysian antibiotic approval

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