Dr Khadija Id Sidi Yahia said progress on fighting AMR has been made

Global progress made to address antibiotic reduction, says OIE

MPI admits unfit animals do arrive at abattoirs, but recent figures could not be obtained

App launched to stop the transport of weak animals

Suspected metal, E.coli and chemical contamination have sparked meat recall in the US

Multiple meat recalls hit America

Russia has been hit with a series of bird flu outbreaks

AI-infected poultry hits grocery shelves in Russia

Henryk Kania declined to comment on the cost of its Ekstraklasa sponsorship

Polish meat firm nets contract with top football league

Alister Ferguson, CEO of Cleaver's parent company, was inspired by clean-label US hot dogs

Cleaver’s leads organic sausage charge in Australia

Russia says it is only producing lab-grown meat to supply the Middle East

First lab-grown meat made in Russia

Veal products were amongst those recalled by Marcho Farms

Marcho Farms recalls adulterated beef and pork products

MLA chef Sam Burke cooked a selection of dishes using 3D printed meat

Australia exhibits 3D printed meat - in pictures

Tomra said the new FatScan machine help save small-to-medium firms

Machinery firm launches meat fat analyser

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