Chinese demand for imported British food is creating more jobs and opportunities

UK and China sign £200m pork export deal

Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick wants help from meat processors to ramp up production

Lab-grown meat firm in talks to license tech

UK beef exports generate more than £350m every year for the British economy

UK and Philippines sign £34m beef trade deal

Exports are up, but cheap Brazilian beef puts Australia under pressure in China

Australian beef exports up for first time in two years

Hormel Foods is the parent company of Dold Foods

Spam maker to expand factory and create 380 jobs

Contract talks in 2014 and 2015 caused sever disruptions to US meat exports

Meat export crisis averted as dockworkers agree contract extension

Tyson Foods rebuffed claims it is 'driving massive manure and fertiliser pollution'

Tyson Foods condemns ‘misleading characterisation’

Tyson Foods CEO Tom Hayes wants the business to make faster decisions

Tyson Foods restructures to become more ‘agile’

Pilgrim's Pride said its operations in Mexico performed 'very well'

Product range drives plump growth for Pilgrim’s Pride

Miratorg's new logo is reflective of its industry-leading market position, the company said

Russia's Miratorg reveals new logo

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