Fish firm caught up in huge US recall

Channel Fish Processing said it would stick with its supplier, despite the recall

Massachusetts-based Channel Fish Processing Company is the latest firm to recall food products that may contain undeclared allergens, bringing the total number of affected outfits to 12.

Food inflation has continued to rise across Canada

Meat prices in Canada expected to rise 9%

Whole Foods Market has over 460 stories across the US, Canada and the UK

Amazon's Whole Foods deal highlights appeal of physical stores

Newly Weds Foods said the 'root cause' of the problem had been found

Cross-contamination a cause of huge US meat recall

Minister of agriculture: Serbian quality label to help meat firms crack new markets

Serbia gets first national meat quality label

The Australian Steelers won a narrow victory against their New Zealand rivals

Australia steals butchery title from New Zealand

The mobile app is believed to have inspired increased beef consumption

Ibotta app campaign boosts US beef sales

Russia has been hit with a series of bird flu outbreaks

AI-infected poultry hits grocery shelves in Russia

Bord Bia declined to comment when asked to put a figure on beef growth in Italy

Ireland looking to Europe as UK beef sales fall

Italy is a major market for Irish exports of forequarter beef cuts, such as chuck

Ireland seeks rise in beef trade to Italy – but consumption is diving

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