Autopackaging boosts meat packager’s production rates by 30%

SATO developed a machine that can weigh and label 50 meat trays per minute

Japanese barcode firm SATO has collaborated with Dibal and Mecatronic to deliver a 30% increase in production rates for an unnamed European meatpacker.

Vytenis Andriukaitis accused Brazil of 'systematic failures' in food safety controls

EU checks expose ‘serious risk’ from Brazil meat

The UK could face complex tariff rate quotas on meat products after Brexit

Meat sector facing new trade tariffs post-Brexit

A soft Brexit may be a better deal for EU and UK meat industry players

Hard Brexit breakdown ‘opportunity’ for meat trade

World Steak Challenge is the industry-leading event for steaks

Deadline approaching for World Steak Challenge

The Guardia Civil force appeare to have cracked down on Spanish meat crime

Meat crime ‘not a big deal’ in Spain

The undercover police claim to have found chicken stored next to mice and dead birds

Secret meat site busted by Spanish police

Cherkizovo Group's turkey factory has capacity to produce 100,000t of meat

Booming meat plant to play key role in Russian turkey surge

The tough antibiotic vancomycin fights bacteria in three different ways

Modified antibiotic won't change meat sector plans

Dr Khadija Id Sidi Yahia said progress on fighting AMR has been made

Global progress made to address antibiotic reduction, says OIE

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