Belarus plots reforms to expensive meat subsidies

State support for Belarusian meat industry amounts to 1.6% of the country's GDP

Belarus plans to reform its profligate state support scheme, backing its domestic meat industry, with the aim of making it more efficient and profitable, according to a spokesperson for the country‚Äôs President Alexander Lukashenko. 

Asian demand for further processed poultry will lift demand for better equipment

Demand for quick meat to fuel poultry processing machinery growth

A rise in the price of imported beef and veal is seen as a benefit by domestic firms

Russian beef and veal imports fall as consumers baulk at rising prices

Russia banned GMO-tainted feed imports from four European countries last year

Russian struggle against GMO feed hurts meat business

Miratorg's new logo is reflective of its industry-leading market position, the company said

Russia's Miratorg reveals new logo

Chinese volume sales more than doubled in the six months of the year, Devro said

Devro aims for future growth in China

It is unclear how African swine fever infected pigs in Romania for the first time

Pigs culled as African swine fever strikes Romania

RusAgro wants to build a number of pig farms in China - the world's biggest pork consumer

RusAgro pushes into China by building pig farms

Pork production is climbing up across Europe, despite a slowdown in exports

EU pig production increases but farmgate prices remain steady

Igor Babayev is Cherkizovo Group's majority shareholder

Cherkizovo Group chairman consolidates company stake

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