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Algae may help reduce emissions on pig farms

Pork CRC-supported Ryan Chen graduated with a PHD from Flinders University

Adding algae to wastewater may reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help pig farmers become more environmentally friendly, the Australian Pork Cooperative Research Centre (Pork CRC) claims.

The UK could face complex tariff rate quotas on meat products after Brexit

Meat sector facing new trade tariffs post-Brexit

Virachai Ratanabanchuen, chief operating officer of CPF (centre) praised the policy

Thai giant launches new food standard

A barrel of crude oil costs around $47 today, but in March 2016 WTI crude oil cost $37

New Zealand meat farmers hit by high oil prices

New Zealand's government will also review food safety standards for imports

New Zealand Budget 2017: more cash for biosecurity

Dr Khadija Id Sidi Yahia said progress on fighting AMR has been made

Global progress made to address antibiotic reduction, says OIE

MPI admits unfit animals do arrive at abattoirs, but recent figures could not be obtained

App launched to stop the transport of weak animals

The Australian Steelers won a narrow victory against their New Zealand rivals

Australia steals butchery title from New Zealand

An end to uncertainty in China could be a key benefit for Australia and New Zealand

China’s decline-hit mutton market shows signs of recovery

Politician Winston Peters said Silver Fern Farms move to close Fairton was 'disgraceful'

Silver Fern Farms plant closure puts 370 jobs at risk

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