Japanese meat cake craze sweeps across nation

A new craze is sweeping Japan as consumers celebrate birthdays with meat cake

A new craze is sweeping across raw-food mad Japan that is both beautifully imaginative and nightmarishly suspect: the meat cake.

We have been celebrating birthdays with cake since the Middle Ages, according to historians. On such an occasion one would expect a light and fluffy body with a cream or jam filling, a good layer of icing and maybe some decoration on top.

But sushi-loving Japan has started celebrating special occasions with a cake made entirely from raw meat.
It seems nothing is safe from the wheel of progress.

Red meat is considered a luxury protein in Japan and the latest trend across the country is to have a cake constructed entirely from raw strips of meat. Smaller cuts are even moulded into flowers and ornate decoration.
The meat is not actually eaten raw, though; it is cooked on a grill straight after being served and has become popular at Japanese grill restaurants, known as yakiniku.

Cakes are usually served with candles, sparklers, flowers and a celebratory plaque too.

Pictures posted on social media reveal the cake craze in all its meaty glory.

A post shared by RUI Mochida (@luirui_m) on

It appears the trend is spreading from Japan to Europe.

Although not everyone is impressed.

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