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French cattle to learn from UK breed

Left to right: Richard Fuller and Duncan Pullar, Stabiliser Cattle Company; Aline Barrois, St├ęphane Peultier, Laurent Rouyer and Philippe Sibille of Bovinext

The French cattle industry has signed a deal that will see it receive genetics from a UK breed.

A proposed ban on formaldehyde is still under discussion at EU level

Polish salmonella crisis might undercut EU formaldehyde ban

Giant Food is the latest company to start marketing 'No Antibiotic Ever' meat

US firm introduces antibiotic-free pork range

Millions of eggs have been recalled across Europe amid contamination fears

Dutch test chicken meat amid huge egg recall

Henryk Kania claim to be working on new and exciting meat products

Mini kabanoski in a cup hits Polish grocery shelves for the first time

One in 28 pork sausage samples contained horsemeat, the CFIA-funded study found

Unlabelled meat found in one in five sausages

Russia banned GMO-tainted feed imports from four European countries last year

Russian struggle against GMO feed hurts meat business

Miratorg's new logo is reflective of its industry-leading market position, the company said

Russia's Miratorg reveals new logo

Impossible Foods recently reached milestones on food safety and intellectual property

Impossible? A plant-based burger just won $75m

Chinese volume sales more than doubled in the six months of the year, Devro said

Devro aims for future growth in China

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