Irish farmers call for government intervention on beef prices

The Irish Farmers' Association has urged government action on beef prices

The president of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) Joe Healy has called on the Minister of Agriculture Michael Creed to intervene on cuts to cattle prices. 

Meat & Livestock Australia has invested $1.9 million in the future of grass-fed beef

MLA invests in grass-fed beef sector

Another case of avian influenza has been confirmed in South Africa

South Africa hit with fifth bird flu outbreak

The Comeragh Mountain Lamb belongs to the Scotch Blackface breed

Comeragh Mountain Lamb seeks protected status

Left to right: Richard Fuller and Duncan Pullar, Stabiliser Cattle Company; Aline Barrois, Stéphane Peultier, Laurent Rouyer and Philippe Sibille of Bovinext

French cattle to learn from UK breed

China's bird flu struggles have hit local chicken prices, which could dent return on investment

Booming Asian mega farms are an ‘economic risk’

A $3 million investment is being made in sheep health in Australia

Australia rolls out sheep health monitoring programme

More than 200,000 avian animals will be culled in the Philippines

Asia: Bird flu outbreaks see 200,000 birds culled

Former Czech PM Miloš Zeman refused to buy the farm more than 10 years ago

Czech government buys pig farm on Holocaust site

African swine fever has seen pig numbers drop by more than 10%

Ukraine pig herd dented by ASF

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