Booming Asian mega farms are an ‘economic risk’

China's bird flu struggles have hit local chicken prices, which could dent return on investment

Investors should not get overexcited by the risky Asian meat industry as booming production may not translate to soaring profits, a FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return) Initiative report has claimed.

Asian demand for further processed poultry will lift demand for better equipment

Demand for quick meat to fuel poultry processing machinery growth

Canada has faced questions from US auditors over carcass inspection protocol

US audit questions Canadian meat inspection

One in 28 pork sausage samples contained horsemeat, the CFIA-funded study found

Unlabelled meat found in one in five sausages

A rise in the price of imported beef and veal is seen as a benefit by domestic firms

Russian beef and veal imports fall as consumers baulk at rising prices

Brazil beef exports rising after meat scandal

Brazil beef exports rising after meat scandal

Pork production is climbing up across Europe, despite a slowdown in exports

EU pig production increases but farmgate prices remain steady

Demand for cheap pork is expected to dwarf Russian poultry sales

Russians are beginning to eat more meat

Brazil's pork exports are falling, in spite of rising Russian imports

Russia buys Brazilian pork due to lack of choice

Americans will eat slightly more chicken than last year's record amount

US set to eat record-breaking amount of chicken

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